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my best friend... he was the first person who accepted me for being bi, before I even told my mama. 

I felt strongly about a girl before... And well, I did like her enough to fucking drink enough liquor to fuck me up enough to get angry drunk and tear my house down and wake up with blood, puke and piss everywhere after injuring my hand. 

But I think I just loved an idea about her. I was infauated with her, and actracted my to her body. 
But this guy, I was in love with him. I know because, despite being bi, I don't find him physically attractive. 
He's the first person I've had feelings for that went beyond sexuality. 

He'll always hold a place in my heart. I truly love him for who he is inside. 

Um, I meant to say, fuck love, I'm bout weed and strippers, love is some gay shit... 
Who am I kidding, I can't live under this charade anymore. 
I don't know...

I prayed "God, make me heterosexual"
And what did he do?

Not a damn thing. So I was like "Fuck you too God" I felt abandoned. 

And I know, "God helps those who help themselves"... I did, I tried my best to ignore my gay thoughts, including resorting to physically hurting myself to suppress thoughts. 
I turned from a stoner to an addict. So fuck God for making me bi. I'll never forgive him for letting me be born this way

If God is real, I'm not sure I want anything to do with him. 
"Bitch, virgin, pussy, punk ass bitch, freak, bitch nigga, faggot, homo, queer, gay, half-breed, punk nigga, queermo, fag, dicksucker, cocksucker"

Those are the only insults I got called, cause those are the only names anyone got called. 
I mean, there were only a few reasons you got bullied in the first place.

A. You weren't good at physically fighting (I was okay, I didn't excel at it or suck)
B. You were gay or percieved gay
C. You were effmininate
D. You were easilly scared or emotional
E. You didn't have a good tolerance for physical pain
F. Social awkwardness (which almost always results in being called "faggot"
G. Not getting laid
H. What else is there? That's it.

Cause realistically, what other insult is offensive nowadays that doesn't refer to being homosexual, being a virgin, being small, being unable to fight, or being effiminate?

I mean, who the fuck got called a "nerd"? That's not an insult, that's a term of endeerment. 
If you're not making fun of someones inability to win fist fights, or their sexuality, or their lack of a strong pain threshold, or their tendency to get fearful or emotional... then what else can you insult?

I'd get called a faggot in the middle of class and the spic whore teacher didn't do shit 

(sorry, but she was hispanic, so I called her a spic cause I don't like her. I'm not racist against hispanics, I just use racist slurs against people I dislike. Has nothing to do with race... If she were black she'd be a nigger, if she were white she'd be a honkey, if she were Asian, she'd be a gook, if she were middle eastern, she'd be a towlhead, and if she were interracial (like me), she'd be a half-breed, if she were trans, she'd be a tranny, if she were gay, she'd be a dyke
I don't use hate slurs against people for their race. I use them out of spite and disdain for the individual)
Was Kanye right? While he made an idiot out of himself in the 2009, I always asked myself "Was he right?" Maybe Beyonce did have a better song/video

He also, as he puts it in his song "Famous"
he "made that bitch famous"
And of course in the 2016 Grammy's Taylor Swift got emotional and overreacted to a harmless joke. 
She could have took a stab at Kanye and had a sense of humor, making the crowd shout "OOHHH"
But nah, she chose to get emotional and take it personally. I don't think Kanye was seriously taking credit for her fame. It was a joke, chill.

Did I mention I think Taylor Swift is annoying? Cause yea, she is. Of course she is... think about it. How could you be that hot and not get a man to stay? Either Taylor Swift secretly has a dick or she's the most obnoxious girl ever. 

Now, let me be honest. I hate both these songs... Yes, I think Taylor has improved a lot since the "Red" album, but there's something about her early shit I just hate. "You Belong with Me" "Love Story" (my least favorite), and "Mine" are good examples of them. They're not bad on a technical level, but they piss me off when I hear them. 

And while "Single Ladies" is actually far more entertaining of a song than "You Belong With Me", it's also worse on every technical level. 
Now, I think overall Beyonce is better than Taylor Swift, but "Single Ladies" is not a very good song. 
Also, it's a much more entertaining video than Taylor Swifts, but again... Taylor had the better video on a technical level...

I don't know, was Kanye West right?
Now, dancing is ususally pretty fucking stupid...

There are only 3 acceptable dances that you can do without looking like a fucking idiot. 
For men, it's the C Walk
And for women, it's twerking
And errbody can hit dat 2 step. 

But men, if you gon' do tha two step, for gods sake don't be swinging yo arms around and shit. Only women can do that. You swinging yo arms around and poppin' yo hips man, take dat shit to another club man... Take that shit to Pulse or something man. 
And Ladies if you up in that club and you finna hit dat 2 step, then make sure you swing yo shoulders and yo hips to get dem titties and dat ass shaking

And remember, if you gonna twerk, make sure you got something to twerk. Does anyone wanna see Paris Hilton twerking? I thought not.
The best twerkers can make their booty clap. Yea, you gotta get the motions right, but you need to have enough ass to where you can make em clap.

And I am no racist. White women can twerk just fine. But you need to get on the twerkin' diet... By that I mean, Red beans and rice, and fried pork chops. Eat that every day, and soon the art of twerkin will be yours. 
You should be able to slap your ass, and create a ripple, the more ripples you have, the more force can be generated from dat ass. You need to in order to gain enough kinetic energy. You see, twerking is all about physics. 
This way, yo ass will shake progressively harder, as more kinetic energy is built up from the force. As yo ass cheeks hit one another, you get an increasingly higher energy output. You want that pengilum booty that increases in force as it sways back and forth. 


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